Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For those that wanted it

For everyone that wanted to know how to make the Bacon based Taco Pizzas
Sorry it took so long to post this, I had no idea where it was saved on my computer

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Parents went on holidays, left the house to me for a week :)

Had two of my friends over while my parents were away on holidays...agai
Unfortunately I'm single so I couldn't have a girl over for kinky sex
Didn't do much, played Games, drank a little (it takes alot of alcohol to get me drunk)
One of my friends stay up all night (literally he didn't sleep) playing Modern Warfare 2, he has a very addictive personality, good thing he never got around to making a WOW account when I was still playing.

I also made one of these

Its mince and cheese on a bacon base
Think a pizza but instead of a bread base its Bacon
It was so awesome, and must have been so fattening

Anyways my next review will likely be on 'Enslaved' or The new guitar hero game

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Halo: Reach" Review

Its Currently 12:30 in the morrning, I have to work early-ish tomorrow and becuase I also need to clean my place up for when my friends come over tomorrow for some Gaming. "But screw that" I said to myself "I May as well Finish writing my Halo: Reach Review"

If you need an overview of the Halo series its simple, generic space first person shooter. There really isn't anymore I can add to that.

Gameplay wise, its just like Halo 3 but with a few gameplay changes, anyone familiar with Halo 3s gear items (such as bubble shields) will know that they return in the form of armour abilities, which unlike the one time use in Halo 3, can be used over and over again. All the guns have receved graphical improvements and a few new additions have been added as well as including several of the classics, however the age old stratagy of 'Overcharged plasma pistol, followed by headshot' Still remains and is a tactic that can get you though the game without much trouble. With the exception of the flood all the enemies from previous games make an apperance, includding the Elites which hav'nt been fightable opponets since Halo 2. 

One of the Core elements of Reach is the ability to fully customize your armour, while this is just a cosmetic effect and has no affect on gameplay, it still is quite cool to see you charter walk around in the armour you've assembled. This effect applies to all three gameplay modes, Campaign, Firefight and Multiplayer. However some of the cooler armour pieces will take days of play to unlock and purchase.

Firefight makes a return being vastly improved since its debut in ODST,now allowing players to customize ever aspect of the game type, from the enemies that spawn to the player load outs to the skulls that are active in each round, however this does lead to some problems in which it is easy to abuse this to make some difficult achievements extremely easy. Firefight now has a matchmaking option, although the matchmaking games usually only last one round of enemies, they are still quite fun to join into instead of having to play the game type by yourself.

The Halo Multiplayer, has always been one of the most strong parts of the gameplay, ranging back to 16 player Lan parties with Halo:CE and with Halo 2 being the first game many people played online. Putting a high standard for Reach, regardless Reach does manage to live up to expectations for its multiplayer experience .
Invasion is one of the new gametypes, pitting Elites vs Spartans in a capture and hold gameplay, many people who have played a conquest match from a different game will know how this generally plays out. Capture 2 sets of control point before capturing a central core and winning the round, or vice versra while defing the points. The maps are very balanced and allow for no players to be at an distinct advantage from where they spawn from the start. The weapons are also very situational, a shotgun will always beat a battlerifle at close range, but from a distance the other is true, the key is to finding a balance between your weapons.

Forge and thereter both make a return, while there're is completely unchanged, forge has had a massive overhaul allowing players to make far more high quality maps far quicker. With it comes the Forge World map, roughly around 5 times the size of blood gulch (even including blood gulch in the map) Forge World stands above every other Halo map in terms of sheer size. However it does have the problem of people doing stupid things with it, like making giant cocks out of explosive barrels and other such things like this, thankfully Bungie's severs pickup most of these maps and screenshots before they make it into people's file shares. However with the customisable gametype mean that this allows for some truelly unquie gameplay experiences, so far I've only played one custom game, and It involved a sniper in a tower shooting zombies (who were other players) before they could reach him and rip him appart. A fun game even if a bit easy.

Many people who have played Modern Warfare or Bad Company may be turned away from the sci-fi  aspect and the unrealisticness of Halo: Reach, neither the less Halo reach plays well and is fun and honestly what more could you honestly want in a game....apart from sexual favours, but I think were quite a way off that happening for the moment.

Single Player Campaign   7/10
Co-op Campaign         7.5/10
Forge                             9/10
Firefight                       8.5/10
Multiplayer                  8.5/10

Overall 8/10
A nice finish for the last Halo game

(Note 4 players can play on one Xbox in multiplayer, but only 2 players can play on the same Xbox in campaign or firefight, also to system link both Xboxs must have a hard drive)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Having Friends over

My parents are going on another hoilday, which makes it two in three weeks. I'm going to be doing exactly what I did last time they left, having two of my friends come over and play games  (mainly Halo: Reach) drink and talk about sex, and how I'm more likely to have sex before any of them despite that I'm single and both of them are in relationships. I'll get around to posting my review for Halo: Reach eventually.
And I'll be sure to post how our session goes.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Dead Rising 2" Review

Dead Rising was the first horror game I played, and that was back where everything scared me. When I first played it I literally had to sleep with the lights on at night for months afterwards. However after I watched some horror movies with some friends and generally stopped being such a wuss, I started liking the whole zombie concept and now would actually love for a zombie outbreak to happen.

Dead Rising 2 has you play as 'Chuck Greene', whom has been framed for a zombie outbreak in fortune city (based off Las Vegas) Chuck has to clear his name and keep his daughter alive before the military arives in 72 hours

Anyone that played the original Dead Rising will see alot of similarities the game plays almost exactly the same.
Kill Zombies, Rescue Survivours and Kill Psychopaths. Although it's hard to deny a improvement over the previous game, Survivours are smarter, more zombies can fit on screen at once and the psychopaths are more menacing (and loonily) this time round. However on that matter the Zombies are unthreatening, they are slow and unaggressive to the point where they are only ever a threat at the low levels. Psychopaths (which are the equivalent of the games bosses) are the complete opposite of that, they are highly aggressive and deal large amounts of damage, making the fights against them brutally hard in comparison with the standard of killing zombies. Which generally comes to a difficultly curb of running into an oncoming train.

Throughout Production, one of the massively promoted things about the game were combo weapons, it seemed like such a good idea in production the ability to have two items and duct tape them together and create something that would slaughter zombies. Good in theory bad in practice, as the combos are fixed so you can't grab two random objects and duct tape them together, and generally the harder the items you need are to find the least likely you will go out of your way to make that item. A good example is the Paddlesaw, this is the most advertised weapon of the game, two chainsaws duct taped on both sides, however it is nearly useless in the game. There is only one paddle in the game (or at least only one I've found so far) and it's durability is poor, only being able to kill between 50 to 100 zombies before breaking. There are 51 combo weapons in the game, though taking out the ones that are useless and the ones that are nearly impossible to make, left me with 4 that I used on a regular basis. This is not saying that the combo weapons are always bad, they are nearly always better than using regular weapons because of this throughout most of the game you'll be using the spiked bat and not much else because you get one every time you go to the safe room.

A.I has massively improved since the first game, (the amount of times that I almost threw my controller at my screen because of the idiot survivours running into a potplant than getting mauled by zombies). Good to know for anyone that despised the survivours is that they can actually get though the zombie hordes reasonably well (i've so far played the game though twice and haven't lost a single one I was escorting yet) though this does make escorting them pathetically easy, and tactics are simple as walk to were you need to go, wait about 30 seconds for them to catchup. It generally changes the survivours to just an excuse to get you to walk back to the saferoom. Most of the survivours are at least interesting though with some of them having some interesting backstorys, even if most of the back story is reveled in text across the screen (which is thankfully large enough to read now)

The psychopaths however are the most fun part of the game, unlike the first game where most of them were still (somewhat) sane, this time there all bat-shit crazy. From a teenager in a mascot outfit that wants you dead for killing his girlfriend to a couple of Magicians whose 'saw' trick doesn't go according to plan. As already stated the psychopath fights are really hard and if you're not prepared for them then you're going to get slaughtered, though one of the best factors of the psychopaths is the music that plays when you fight them, it makes the fight feel more alive. Though the difficulty of the psychopaths is made harder by the fact that guns are absolutely useless, unless there being used against you, in which case guns will do tons of damage.

The game has two multiplayer modes, a standard co-op, and Terror is reality, which looks similar to the gladiators tv show. Co-op Funtions similar to how it did in Halo, an exact clone of you pops in with no explaination and does'nt appear in the cut scenes, although the co-op is fun, it does go to make the game pathetically easy. But there is a saddist joy of watching a friend slaughter zombies in one direction while you do in another the possibilities do become near endless of what 2 people can do together in the game. Terror is Reality is the game's verses mode, it is fun at the start but becomes nothing more than just a bunch of repetitive mini-games similar to the games you'd find in Mario party or Fusion Frenzy, but seeing how there is only 9 of them in this game they get old very fast.

Dead Rising 2 is enjoyable and quite is fun and does remain fun for quite some some, I've so far played though the game 2 and a half times and I'm still enjoying it, it far surpasses its predecessor in terms of gameplay and story. and is nice to spend time killing zombies (even if everyone has slaughter thousands of zombies already)

Single Player: 8/10
Co-op            8.5/10
Versus             4/10

(note co-op and Versus play can only be done over Xbox live and PSN, spiltscreen and system link co-op are not available)

Friday, October 1, 2010

First post

Um...yeah Just made my Journal/Blog, whatever you want to call it
This is going to be a blog based off the things I like so Games, sex, music, papercraft and drinking. I love pretty much everything so don't be surprised if one Day its about Halo than the next its about making paperdolls