Saturday, October 9, 2010

Parents went on holidays, left the house to me for a week :)

Had two of my friends over while my parents were away on holidays...agai
Unfortunately I'm single so I couldn't have a girl over for kinky sex
Didn't do much, played Games, drank a little (it takes alot of alcohol to get me drunk)
One of my friends stay up all night (literally he didn't sleep) playing Modern Warfare 2, he has a very addictive personality, good thing he never got around to making a WOW account when I was still playing.

I also made one of these

Its mince and cheese on a bacon base
Think a pizza but instead of a bread base its Bacon
It was so awesome, and must have been so fattening

Anyways my next review will likely be on 'Enslaved' or The new guitar hero game


  1. Direction or link on how to make this plox?

  2. He made the food himself, and yes it was fattening but bloody awesome.

    Pretty much it's cooked bacon as the base, then lots of cooked mince and a damn lot of grated cheese on the top. Then you cook until the cheese has melted and enjoy.

    Yes I'm the game addicted friend if you were wondering :D

  3. LOLOLOLOL just like me at chris' with KH2